Lana J. Mendis joined ReGen Hope Initiative as the Reentry Specialist for Cuyahoga County in March 2020. She is responsible for providing services specifically related to the management of the ExodusPlanner platform in Cuyahoga County, ensuring resource provider data accuracies, handling local customer service calls, emails, and training needs both within the justice agencies and community partners. Lana is also responsible for facilitating activities, along with educating the justice involved and community partners on the use of the Exodus Planner. In addition to her work with The Securus Foundation, Lana holds a position as an Employment Specialist for Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry and attends Ohio Christian University. Lana believes that having been impacted by the justice system, and other past traumas, has enabled her to empathize with many people. Her choices today continue to help her to develop and grow into a better learner and mother. Her experiences have taught her to lives of many who have struggled without purpose or vision. She believes we all must work collaboratively, as a team, no matter where we are in order to reduce recidivism, give hope, provide educational opportunities, administer career guidance, and our communities. Her passion is to assist others to overcome barriers while they reintegrate into society.