Royal Chatman has been instrumental in bringing his dream to impact the next generation to a new level because of his passion to see the next generation flourish. He felt the call to go deeper into his passion.

Royal was ordained on September 26, 2015 and has held countless Motivational Presentations throughout the Shelby County School District to-date. Having served in many ministries throughout his life, he is skilled and equipped to carry the torch to students and adults who are making a critical decision to serve Jesus.

Throughout his many years of service Royal Chatman has strived to make a lasting impression on the next generation through his work with various programs such as G.R.A.S.S.Y. (Gang Reduction Assistance for Saving Society’s Youth) Ceasefire. He is also an active member of the community and volunteers with the American Diabetes Association, Memphis Police Department, and Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, & (U.S.A.T.N.W).

Along with volunteering, Mr. Chatman’s focus is working inside Shelby County Schools to counsel the youth on the effects of drugs and gang involvement. Having felt the effects of this lifestyle himself he gives them an inside look at what happens when you choose to make such decisions.

Royal has also served in graduated professional positions throughout his career. He was Vice President of Business Development for Signal Source, LLC, where he held the primary role and responsibility for Tower Space Sales, Site Marketing and Development. Mr. Chatman also held the position as Regional Sales Manager of a Fortune 500 Company’s Business and Advertisement department. He has a degree in Business Marketing and Management from Macomb Community College and various other accolades in his field of professional skills.


  • 2011–2013 – Served in Desoto County Club Elevate program as a student mentor speaker.
  • 2012–Current – Published author of two books (AuthorHouse Publishing): Risen: He didn’t have to but He did it anyway and Life After Life: The Untold Stories of Life In and Out of My Season of Incarceration.
  • 2013–2015 – Led the Dream Maker S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, math) program which allows students to envision the possibilities of a professional career.
  • 2014–Current – Founder & CEO of SOIPSOP (Sources of Intervention Produce Seeds of Prevention).
  • 2014–Current – Prison ministry volunteer speaker at Women’s Jail East at 201 Poplar and Henny, TN correctional facilities.
  • 2014–Current – Taught a 6-week motivational, mentoring course to seniors at Hillcrest High School and was a key facilitator at the All Lives Matter Conference sponsored by the Memphis Police Department for area youth.
  • 2014–2015 – Award-winning, motivational speaker at the Parenting & Fathers in the home sessions at Porter Leath AWHS (American Way Head Start).
  • 2015 – Graduated, Man of Valor, from Downline Ministries Institute.
  • 2016 – APO of Shelby County Juvenile Courts.
  • 2016–Current – Consultation with MPD, SCSO, US District Attorney Office Reentry programs and various Symposiums and community engagement presentations.
  • 2016–2017 – Speaker at the TJCSA Conference (Memphis and Nashville).
I am currently a Drug and Gang Prevention and Intervention Consultant for Shelby County School System, Auxiliary Probation Officer (APO) for the Shelby County Juvenile Court System, as well as a consultant for the Memphis Police Department, Shelby County Sheriff Department, & Multi-Agency Gang Unit (MGU). Not to mention, I have served as the keynote speaker at many engagements hosted by the U.S. District Attorney focusing on inmates reintegrating back into the community; and I continue to work with the U.S. District Attorney’s office on many facets associated with their federal reentry program. Specifically, the Juvenile Court system also utilizes me frequently to tell my story to the youth in an effort to steer them clear of getting involved in gangs and drug selling. I go in and out of the Correctional Facilities (for the Tennessee Department of Corrections) to discuss topics associated with recidivism. I share with the incarcerated men on how possible it is for them to return to society and never returning to prison. My life serves as a tangible example.